July 21

Monday. Hm, a typical weekend. Didn’t do anything physical this weekend, well. . . yes I did. I mowed my lawn (shortened the weeds). I have a hand-powered mower so lots of brute force went into the mowing. I was out about 9:00am on Saturday and my God it was hot already. I worked at it for about an hour. I didn’t finished all of it, so went back out in the evening and finished up the back and did my tiny front lawn also.

Didn’t eat all that well and read most of the day Sunday.

Food: Today I ate some apple, carrot, raisin and walnut mix for breakfast. Lunch was Marie Calendar’s frozen dinner with veggies, potatoes and roast beef. Snacks were yogurt, a banana and a handful of peanut M&M’s. Dinner, I stopped at my daughter’s right at dinner time ( :) ) and got a slab of turkey meatloaf (from Sprouts) and a big glass of fresh milk (the kind they deliver in glass bottles.) It’s 7:15pm and I’ve had my candy bar.

Ouch-o-meter: Not bad. Hands and parts are doing okay.

Physical Therapy: Headed to PT on Wednesday. Hope I learn a bunch so I can feel confident when I head out for a run. (Yes, I said ‘when’ not ‘if’.)

My recurring mental mantra: “Just do it” I’m hoping that if I keep repeating it I will finally get going!


July 18

Sometimes I feel like such a loser. Seriously. I really do want to work out or bike to work or run or SOMETHING. But I just flat out choose not to because 1) I would rather sleep in, or 2) I would rather just sit on the couch and do nothing, or 3) I’m so unmotivated. Sorry, sorry excuses. If I would just GET OUT THERE. Aarrgghh!

Food: Yesterday – No breakfast, a 1/2 turkey and provolone sandwich, and OMG – I must have alzheimers – I cannot for the life of me remember what else I had to eat yesterday at lunch. Geez. . . For a snack I know I had a handful of M&Ms. Dinner, I fried some ground beef for tacos, fried up some corn tortillas and made a taco salad for dinner. I had a glass of rootbeer and for a snack about 8:00pm I had 3/4 of a candy bar :)
Today, a banana and latte for breakfast, 1/2 roast beef and turkey sandwich (no cheese), some Fritos, and 1/2 cup of Noosa yogurt. Tonight, I’m not sure yet. But I have one last candy bar in the fridge waiting for me to eat it for dessert :)

Exercise: None – fingers crossed I begin on Saturday.

Ouch-o-meter: Nothing big. A 1+.

I hope to get in with the PT next week to begin working on my muscle spasms. But I can begin working out before. This weekend is supposed to be hot, so I need to get out of bed, spray myself with some bug spray and make the most of the early mornings before it gets too hot. Plus I have lawns to mow (well, weeds to shorten) since I was out of town last weekend, and it’s been raining each day for about 10 days.

Find happiness this weekend and enjoy :)

July 17

GOALS. . . .I need to set goals. I end up going home and just forgetting about EVERYTHING. I eat, plop myself down on the couch and watch TV until bed time. There are SO SO many things I could be doing instead of mindless TV watching (albeit, I’ve caught up on some good movies recently.)

FOCUS. . . .as stated yesterday, I really need to focus. I seem to be wandering aimlessly in my brain after I leave work. Sometimes I’m just so focused on getting home and not stopping at a bar or liquor store that I forget anything else.

I think beginning a routine and repetition are key here. I get anywhere (depending on the day/night) from 7 to 8 1/2 hours sleep a night yet I have such a hard time getting up. I could sleep so much longer :) So, I’m thinking I need something to look forward to in the mornings. . .a reason to rise and shine. Yes, getting exercise and remaining healthy are great reasons, but so far they haven’t been enough to get me going. Any suggestions?

Food: intake yesterday wasn’t awful. No breakfast; 1/2 a turkey and provolone sandwich, chips, an apple, a yogurt for lunch; handful of M&M’s for snack; a crispy chicken salad from Old Chicago’s of which I ate half and saved half for today’s lunch. I had a St Pauli Girl’s non-alcoholic beer with dinner. A Hershey’s bar for snack at 8:30pm. (Must stop doing that)

Ouch-o-meter: My right forearm/hand is still giving me fits. Not ridiculous fits, but it’s still bothering me. Wonder if it’s the osteoarthritis and not the RA. Earlier I would have given the pain a 4+, but now it’s at about a 3.

Exercise: We ALL know the answer to this one. None.

I keep letting each day slip away and before I know it, it’s going to be snowing outside and I will regret that I didn’t get my ass off the couch and out of my house while the weather was good. The days just seem to go by so quickly any more. Sheesh.


Plan a

July 16 – happy HUMP day :)

Wow, has it been a while or what?

FINALLY went to the Dr (urologist) on Tuesday to find out why I feel like I’ve had a 5 month UTI. She said I am having pelvic floor muscle spasms. This can be treated with physical therapy and then I can do the exercises “at home.” THANK GOD. So, now that it is the middle of summer, I will hopefully get my ass in gear and get back out on the running trail. I feel like every muscle I used to have has gone completely soft. So gross.

My food intake: Not the best. I’m still eating large quantities of sugar/chocolate for an after dinner treat. My meals aren’t too bad but it’s been fluctuating. I had a reunion this past weekend and so there was travel time and poor eating involved.

Exercise: None.

Ouch-o-meter: My right forearm has been feeling some pain this past week. Don’t know if it’s because I was holding on to the steering wheel too tightly while on my very long drive. I’ll give it some time before I worry about it. Pain today is about a 4.

I’m ready to do my daily blog or close to it, now that I’ve been given the “you’re okay, get back out there” speech from the Doc.

Focus is key!

Chin up, eyes forward. . .

Hey guys and gals out there. It has been way too long since I posted to this site. Mostly because I’ve done nothing to warrant a post!

On exercise: Absolutely nothing and I can SO tell. I’m still eating great quantities of sugar to counter balance my craving for alcohol and it’s beginning to show itself on certain body parts. I haven’t been able to run because I still have a tilted bladder that causes me to think I have to pee. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do crunches or planks or squats or push ups or. . . . . I’ve procrastinated so much it’s not even funny. I set the alarm for 6am this morning so I would have plenty of time to get myself ready for a meager 12 mile bike ride to work. I had planned my ride to be an easy peasy, slow as she goes type of ride. No time tables to meet, no reason to hurry. Just enjoy a cool morning ride along the banks of the river and on the easy concrete trails. But no, I snoozed the damn clock until 7:15am. It really is just getting that one foot out the door kind of thing. So bad, so bad!

On food: The last few weeks have been horrible with mostly fast foods and lots of Coke’s. I’ve been eating okay the last 7-8 days or so – Grilled salmon, brown rice, a total veggie pesto pasta, apples. It comes and it goes.

On my RA: My hands have been giving me some minor fits recently. They just feel tired and tender on the joints (duh). But, pain today is probably only a 2.

I am trying to hard to get back out there and exercise, but it just seems like I park by butt on the couch and there I stay. I blame it on my bladder because I don’t want to blame myself for being lazy and nonproductive.

It’s bike to work day next week – maybe that will be what finally gets me in gear! Happy HUMP Day all :)

April 16

I hope I’m not the only one who procrastinates about exercise and getting my arse off the couch and onto the mat/pavement/trail. I’ve really had some spectacular ideas on exercise and how to incorporate it into my morning routine. But. . . do I do it?. . . . Noooooooo. I so love my sleep.

On exercise: My thoughts on ways to stay active without messing with my bladder:

• Bike to work (and back) 2-3 times a week
• Mornings I don’t ride, walk briskly for 4 miles
• 30 day challenge at home (pushups/situps/squats/crunches/planks/abs/core)

These should be simple enough to get me started. I got to thinking that maybe my bladder is where it is because my core has turned to tapioca. The best laid plans. . . . .

Ouch-o-meter: My OA still causes pain in my wrists but overall I’d give it a 1.5. I go in for a physical tomorrow and more blood tests. We’ll see if I’m as healthy as I think I am!

On food: After reading that blog yesterday about sugar and listening to Jack, I’ve gone back to rethinking my way of eating those sweet nummies. Yes, I will continue to eat them, but I will be more aware and keep my consumption to a moderate amount. Instead of having cookies and M&Ms for a snack in the afternoon, I will just forgo anything but lots of water. After dinner I will enjoy my ice cream or candy making sure I stay with a single serving. As I get farther along in my sobriety, I will continue to reduce the sugar/”white bread” intake.

On my love life: Huh? What? You talkin’ to me? Love life? Don’t make me laugh . . .

Have a wonderful hump day :)


April 15

Because of my recent and still present “battle” with alcohol and my 7 month abstinence, I have been craving sugar. Lots and lots of sugar. Having rootbeer floats every night, and not just one. Eating cookies, Crunch n’ Munch, well, you name it. . . .

I went to a website that discussed the max amount of grams of sugar you should have in your diet. Well, wasn’t much. 25 grams daily or 6 TEASPOONS. My God, I must be eating in the neighborhood of 200+ grams a day minimum!! hahaha Case in point, I just finished lunch. Today I decided to enjoy a regular Coke (which happens about once a month) with my meal. I just looked at the grams of sugar in this single can – 39 grams in just this can alone. On the one hand, I won’t drink diet anything because of aspartame so I end up getting the sugar of a “regular” Coke. Personally, I will take sugar over aspartame. But, consuming neither is preferable, right? :)

I would like you to check out this video from back in the day – probably before most of you reading this were born. The host is Jack Lalanne. He was a man ahead of his time when it came to health and fitness. What is amazing is that he talks about proteins and veggies. He says nothing about grains or breads. It’s funny that he mentions eating cereal which is made with sugar and then how we added sugar to the cereal, then he states that eating protein for breakfast is the way to go.

This video also relates to me on two counts. He speaks of alcoholism as well as being a sugarholic. Enjoy :)

Jack Lalanne

April 12

YUCK — it’s a “feels like” 25 out there with rain turning to snow (at this very moment, you just can’t tell from my picture) and winds at 19 mph. Nope, so not enduring this kind of weather to run a 5k.
Call me a wimp if you want!! Not going to happen.

It’s a good day to stay inside :)

Happy Sunday all.

April 11

Feels like spring today :) Gotta love it.

On events: I “had” a 10k I was going to run on Sunday, then changed my mind when my bladder starting being a poopy pants (not literally). It’s (the bladder issue) still touch and go, but I’ve decided I think I can handle a 5k. So am making the change to run the 5k instead of the 10k. Maybe I’ll change the half I was supposed to run in May to a 5k also just so I can do a part of it :)

On weather: The weather is turning back to winter on Sunday which sucks. Should be in the high 30′s (so the AM temps will be brisk!) and there is a 90% change of snow/rain. Winds will be 15mph. Not a good day to run. But a 5k won’t take long :)

On food: Binged on ice cream on Sunday – went totally overboard. The rest of the week hasn’t been too bad.

Apr 6

To begin: On a side note, I have been sober 200 days today :)

On exercise: Finally got outside today. It was a gorgeous morning, so finally convinced myself that I needed to get out there and walk. I didn’t go as fast as I would have liked but I walked for an hour and went just under 4 miles (I think.)

ducks 4-6

trail 4-6

Told you it was beautiful out there :)

On health: AND the whole time I was walking I did NOT have to stop to pee. It’s the little things, right? I don’t know if I’m cured/better, but I’m just happy I was able to go out and not have to find a bush. I fear the “pounding” I do while running does affect my bladder so may wait a few months before I think about running again.

On my RA: Washed the car today at a car wash. By the time I finished, my right hand was really stiff and sore. Could be because it was chilly out there and my hand got cold, but I also think it was hard to grip that wand for the 4 minutes, or whatever the timing was on the car wash. It’s fine now, but it didn’t feel so good after I finished.

On the 10k next week: I may still do the 10k next week, but I will be walking it. If nothing else, I will get there before the race and pick up my goodie bag :)

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