Mar 4

A happy birthday to my dear friend, Jaime. (He doesn’t read my posts, but his mom passed away on Saturday, and I wanted to get something out there for him that was on a positive note)

On food: Last night I DID have that salad! It was actually really good. Hit the spot. No dressing, just olives, pepperonis, cheese, tomatoes and romaine lettuce. Desserts were a handful of the caramels and about 9:15pm I had a cup of hot chocolate. For breakfast today I had a banana and a handful of almonds. Lunch was supposed to be leftover salad, but I went to Chipotle instead for a chicken bowl. I have an apple, some yogurt and more almonds when I get hungry for a snack later on. Dinner tonight is lemon chicken with a vegetable. Not sure what that vegetable will be, but I’ll figure out something.

On exercising: No running tonight. I’m waiting until I see that urogenecologist on Thursday.

Ouch-o-meter: I’ve been good. Thumb joints still tender but good otherwise.

Labs from my rheumatologist: My labs came back normal. No thyroid issues. My vitamin D levels were really low but that was it. I’m back to taking my calcium and my Vit D supplements.

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